September 28, 2019

The Voyageurs

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Era’ canoeing activities.

The Voyageurs meet every second Thursday of the month during the winter months. Everyone is invited to attend these meetings. Crafts nights are also arranged for other Thursday evenings during the winter. Times are 7:00 p.m.

In the summer months we participate in Rendezvous, canoe races, re-enactments, and other outdoor activities.

We were proud to have been been co-partners in the first annual Great Upper Canada Rendezvous at Pioneer Village, held last June.
Check out our new Great Upper Canada Rendezvous 2000 web page

Activities will range from authentic cooking, north canoe races, tomahawk throwing, crafts for kids, to storytelling by our own Tecumseh. The Voyageur encampment will be traditional in equipment (much of which was hand forged by Club members), dress (clothing which we made ourselves), and pastimes which will include live traditional music and a paddle dance.

We’re still looking for volunteers too, so give us a call at the Canoe Club (473-CLUB), or to the club’s directors listed in the front of the newsletter.


The Canoe and Kayak, developed by native Canadians, were adopted by European immigrants for travel and trade in wilderness areas. With the coming of the railways, their importance as a mode of transportation decreased and they began to be used primarily for sport and recreation. Racing canoes and kayaks, which come in different lengths to accommodate different numbers of paddlers, are more streamlined than their recreational counterparts. The Olympic racing canoe is called the CANADIAN to honor its Canadian heritage.

K-1 K-2 K-4
designations indicate a kayak class boat with one, two or four paddlers respectively. Kayakers are seated and use a double-bladed paddle

C-1 C-2 C-4
designations indicate a Canadian canoe with one, two or four paddlers respectively. Paddlers in the canoe events kneel on one knee and use a single-blade paddle

A sprint race course consists of nine marked lanes of 200, 500 and 1,000 metres in length. Long distance sprint racing events, (except war canoes), are held over a 6,000 and 10,000 metres course.

A WAR CANOE classification, C-15 (not an Olympic event, but a specific to Canada since the late 1800’s) consists of a 30 foot, open racing canoe propelled by 14 paddlers and steered by a standing coxswain.


Sprint canoe and kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. Canadian Athletes; Adam vanKoevereden and Caroline Brunet won 25% of Canada’s total medal take at the Athens Olympics 2004. Ms. Brunet, who was Canada’s flag bearer at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, won medals there and at Atlanta 1996.


Local athletes first competed for London in 2001. This sport is the ultimate challenge for 9 – 19 year olds. We also have a masters racing program. Since 2001 the program has experienced immense growth each year. Success has been achieved divisionally, provincially and nationally. The canoe club owns a vast assortment of state-of-the-art Olympic class racing boats. Some paddlers just like the fast boats and never compete. Other paddlers try the sport and want to compete right away. The day-long regattas often become outings where families, friends and club members share incredible enthusiasm and spirit. The spirit carries over into a general feeling of fun versus competition.

The experienced and accredited sprint coaches run an assortment of programs. The cost of these sessions vary in price from about $160.00 to $300.00 for the spring and summer. Please contact the Sprint Director for further information or to arrange a try-out

Marathon Paddlers

Marathon paddling at the London Canoe Club is all about fun and activity. We like to keep fit by paddling and like to paddle our best by staying fit and perfecting our technique.

What do we have to offer you?

Start by coming out to our pool training sessions at the Memorial Boys and Girls Club pool. These will take place every other Saturday starting on January 9th, 1999. We paddle for about 90 minutes and take time out to frolic in the warm water.

Coach Bob Vincent will introduce new paddlers to the techniques involved in race paddling. He will also hone the skills of all experienced paddlers, be they dragon boaters, voyageurs, or trippers. Everyone will get stronger, smarter, and will be ready for spring paddling.

We emphasize safety when paddling. Steering strokes are taught to everyone, and moving water as well as cold water training and safety tips are reviewed.

Last year we sent 18 people to the celebrated ‘General Clinton’ marathon races in New York. The time to start preparing for New York is in the pool. If you are really serious, you might want to work on a base level of fitness throughout the fall and winter. Stay active.

Check out this excellent web site for endurance training.

For more information on two of the ‘big-three’ races in North America, see;

General Clinton (Cooperstown NY) race
Ausable River Marathon
This year we look forward to having a core of high school paddlers come to the pool sessions and hopefully try their hand at their first marathon race this summer.
We hold Tuesday run races all summer starting in June. We are on the water at 6:00p.m. We want you to switch partners for each 15 minute race. Then we wind down with a longer easy paddle up the river.

The Club has three racing canoes of various designs for your use. Bent shaft paddles of different lengths are also available.

See you in the pool this winter and on the river in the spring.

Recreational Kayaking
A variety of recreational kayaks are available at the London Canoe Club.
The stable and reliable R-5, a 13 foot recreational kayak, has a comfortable seat and back rest, and is a good beginners boat which may be fitted with a fixed rudder if paddling a kayak in a straight line is still a challenge.

Of similar size but of a lighter fibreglass construction are the yellow (and sometimes blue) “mischief” kayaks. These are more responsive, have adjustable foot-rests and are easily paddled. Because of their lighter construction due care must be exercised when using these kayaks.

For more speed on the water the paddler can try either the single sea kayaks or take a friend in the tandem kayak. These are longer kayaks with a definite keel effect when moving through the water. Turning a sea kayak when underway requires a new set of skills of the paddler(s).

For the beginner that may feel “closed in” in the cockpit of a kayak, then try the Nova Craft kayak with a cockpit the size of a bathtub. It will do all the things the other kayaks will do.

From time to time the London Canoe Club will have other kayaks on loan from other manufacturers for members to try.

Before you buy, come to the London Canoe Club and try.

The London Dragon Flyers are an intermediate level competitive Dragonboat crew.The crew has been in existence since 1992, with a core group of paddlers returning from year-to-year.Paddlers are London Canoe Club members ranging in age from their teens to their seventies.The London Dragon Flyers have participated in the London Dragonboat Festival since its first year in 1992. Last season in 2001 the Flyers won the Community division at the London Festival and then placed 3rd overall in the Open division at the Stratford Festival. This year the crew will be competing in festivals around the province once again.

The crew is very fortunate to have training facilities and equipment provided by the London Canoe Club.Expenses for the crew include Festival entry fees $600-800 per Festival), crew t-shirts and photography.Currently the crew raises money through crew member contributions and several sponsors.

The crew practices Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm at the London Canoe Club.The crew is always on the lookout for enthusiastic,committed team members.

The London Canoe Club is also proud to have the Rowbust Dragonboat Racing Team practicing at our facilities.Rowbust is a team of Breast Cancer
Survivors who are committed to enjoying life,participating to the fullest and increasing awareness of Breast Cancer.
The team has been in existence since 2000 and trains during the winter at Goodlife Fitness at London Galleria .During the summer months they can be found
at the London Canoe Club on Tues and Thurs nights at 7:00 pm.In 2001, the team competed at events in Ontario, at the Stratford Festival they came away with
taking the top spot for Breast Cancer Survivors.In 2002 the crew will be attending Festivals all over the Province.

Dragon’s Breath Crew
This crew is comprised of Cancer Survivors and Supporters and has been in existence for over three years. They normally practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings at LCC as well as early saturday mornings. Watch the team compete at the London Dragon Boat Festival and the Stratford Dragon Boat Festival in 2005.